Home Clearings & Blessings

Intentionally clearing a space of negative energies is as old as time. As energetic beings, we create a certain amount of etheric debris on a daily basis, which leaves a residue in a home in the same way as everyday living creates the need to clean on a physical level. We may not be able to see this stagnant energy, but it can definitely be felt. Shifting and changing the energetic container of any space is a powerful ritual. The home should be a place of the highest positive energetic vibration possible.



Energetic clearings are most needed during times of transition. If you have recently moved into a new home, clearing the container of the previous owners is super important. Or maybe you are selling your home and want your home to show and feel amazing. Going through a break up or divorce and one partner has moved out ? This experience is just what you need to clean and clear the energy of the past and move into the present and future.



Blessings are a ritual intended to infuse the home with love, light and manifestation. This is a great gift for new home owners as they transition into a new physical container. Invite your closest friends and spend a few hours together cleaning, clearing and blessing the home.