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The Goddess Way: Becoming the Love of your life

  • Soul Alchemy Healing WEBINAR (map)

Hello Beautiful Ones!

Along my own journey of healing I realized that I was in an abusive relationship; With myself. The way I talked to myself and treated myself was so hurtful. I said and thought things about myself that I would never say to a friend or loved one. I had beliefs about myself that came from stories long ago. I would never be free from these voices and stories until I chose to love myself unconditionally. Imagine a reality in which you loved yourself unconditionally. Imagine if you gave yourself that permission, regardless of what others may think or perceive.

This is an invitation to gather with other women for an evening of love.

In this free online course you will:

Take a shamanic journey into heart center to reconnect with your Divine Self

Learn how to clear out old beliefs and old stories that no longer serve you

Learn tools to change the way you think and speak to yourself

See yourself in a while new way as you begin the process of nurturing a relationship with YOU

Please join us for a magical evening.

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.