Transform your life

So often we are encouraged to find the answers outside of ourselves. We look to other people, places and things to make us feel better. Soul Alchemy Healing is a process in which you are given the tools to heal yourself from the inside out. I work with women on spirtual, mental, emotional, and energetic levels to shift their perception of themselves and the world around them in order to have a life of their creation. We all have a story, woundings from our past that still dictate our present life and relationships. When we stop, clean, clear and let go we are able to lay a new foundation for transformation to occur. It is a process of unlearning and taping into who you REALLY are. Not who you think you are, who you are told you are, but the YOU that comes from your inner fire. As women, we have been taught to suppress who we really are emotionally, mentally and physically with outdated belief systems that come from a place of fear and judgment instead of being taught to love ourselves unconditionally just as we are. Together we will discover the woman you are meant to be.



My approach to healing is rooted in Spirituality, the Divine Feminine, Shamanism and the belief that you have everything you need to heal right now inside of you. I also believe that community is imperative to our healing. We all have medicine for one another and together we can become the Warrior Goddesses we were meant to be.